Fully Framed Shower Screens

A fully framed shower screen provides a clearly defined shower recess and sleek, streamlined design, reducing the places where dirt and mould can build up. This means our fully framed shower screens are easy to clean, safe for the whole family with rounded corners, and contribute to the overall look and feel of any bathroom.


Full Framed black pivot shower screen in charcoal modern bathroom.

Shower Screen Care and Maintenance

Clean the inside of your shower including your screen at least once a a week to avoid build up of soap and lime deposits. Use a cleaner that is designed for a shower screen enclosure. Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths on glass shower screens as this can cause scratching.

Always open and close your shower screen door gently and avoid slamming or letting the door close on its own. Don't subject the hinges or pivot points to abnormal stress, as this can cause product failure.

A Range of Styles and Finishes

Our fully framed shower screens are available in a range of finishes, styles and configurations to complement any bathroom and interior design. Browse our range of fully framed shower screens in the gallery below.

Deluxe Pivot

A fully framed pivot door system that is robust and square profiled without any exposed glass edge work, all complemented by high gauge Australian designed and sourced aluminium. Includes a magnetic door close with full length aluminium door handle and quality stainless steel pivot pins for years of quiet, maintenance-free operation.

Deluxe Gliding

A traditional space-effective solution with a top hanging, string-free mechanism for quiet, smooth action.

Deluxe pivot full framed shower screen.

Deluxe pivot, front and full return, small infill panel.

Deluxe Pivot full framed front only.

Delux pivot, front only with grey glass and door in centre.

Deluxe Gliding, front only with clear glass.