Semi Framed Shower Screens

A semi framed shower screen provides a clearly defined shower recess and sleek, streamlined design that reduces the places where dirt and mould can build up. Gone are traditional screens with multiple crevices and soap traps. Our semi framed shower screens are easy to clean with rounded corners, providing an extra dimension of safety and contributing to the overall look and feel of any bathroom.


The Executive semi framed shower screen.

Shower Screen Care and Maintenance

Clean the inside of your shower including your screen at least once a a week to avoid build up of soap and lime deposits. Use a cleaner that is designed for a shower screen enclosure. Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths on glass shower screens as this can cause scratching.

Always open and close your shower screen door gently and avoid slamming or letting the door close on its own. Don't subject the hinges or pivot points to abnormal stress, as this can cause product failure.

The Executive Shower Screen

Premium’s flagship shower screen, the Executive, is cost-effective, durable & aesthetically pleasing.

Available in two heights of 1850mm and 2000mm, the Executive's soft clean lines make it easy to clean and presentable in any bathroom. It has a full magnetic door that closes on a concealed corner return (if required) which offers a positive seal and minimises water leakage.

Glass-on-glass overlap assists with functionality to access internal taps, giving towel rail clearance whilst minimising water exposure due to the seamless glass front door. This door operates on high quality stainless steel pivot pins for squeak-free opening and closing for years.

Silver shower screen edge.

Executive return corner in polished silver, rounded and sleek.

Executive magnetic close shower screen door.

Executive door profile with magnetic corner close, minimising water leakage.

Executive quality pivot block hinge

Executive quality pivot block with chrome covers and stainless steel pivot pins for longevity and trouble free maintenance.