Hinged Wardrobes

For a classically elegant look, Premium’s custom made hinged wardrobes offer a choice of versatile styles that are suitable for both period and contemporary Melbourne homes and apartments.

Our range of hinged doors are designed to complement any interior, either as a dramatic feature or blending seamlessly into a room’s décor.

Open white hinged wardrobe door.

Advantages of Hinged Doors

For many rooms, hinged wardrobe doors can be a better option than sliding doors for a variety of reasons. Rooms with wood floors benefit from hinged doors as there is no bottom track attached to the floor. Hinged doors also allow for access to the entire wardrobe space at once, unlike sliding doors, which conceal half of the wardrobe space at any given time.

Stylish Storage Solutions

Be inspired by our wide range of options and the order and sophistication a custom wardrobe can add to any room. Whether used to store clothing and personal items or for extra storage in a home office, our hinged door wardrobes maximise space and bring a timeless elegance to any room. Hinged wardrobes can stand alone or be built in, depending on the size of the room and available space.

With a wide selection of available styles, a custom wardrobe can be designed to fit your vision. Choose from an array of finishes, colours and sheens, or order raw custom wood ready for painting in a colour of your choice.

Browse our range of hinged door styles, colours and finishes in our gallery below.

Hindged door option, white MDF routed door.

Our hinged door range includes routed MDF styling options.

Hinged door style options.

Various finishes and colours available for our hinged wardrobe doors.

Custom push open hinged doors.

With soft closing options and push open hinged doors.